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Vinny URGENTLY Needs A Living Donor For
A Liver Transplant.



My name is Vinny Liuzzo. I am a retired Veteran of the Connecticut Army National Guard Sergeant First Class. 


Today I find myself in need of life-saving help and maybe




I am in need of a living liver donation and finding a match is not easy. Did you know the donor can also lead a full and normal life after the transplant since the liver is one organ that regenerates itself! Consider it a gift from your body for giving a GIFT OF LIFE to someone in need. 


In January, 2016 I was diagnosed with liver disease which has changed my life considerably. Where I once enjoyed being outdoors, working around the house, mowing the lawn, working on cars and dancing, today I can barely function more than a few hours at a time without becoming physically exhausted.


This past year has been incredibly difficult because my condition has deteriorated greatly. The disease has caused debilitating fluid on my abdomen and swelling of my legs, increasing confusion and short-term memory loss (hepatic encephalopathy), bleeding esophageal varices that require repeated banding and clamping, portal hypertension which has developed a blood clot, extreme fatigue and pain. My life centers around weekly doctor visits, blood tests, endoscopies, CT scans, blood transfusions, self-injected blood thinners and taking a number of daily medications.


Transplantation is my last chance of surviving this illness.


A living liver donation would save my life and enable me to live a full and normal life. Even though I am on the liver transplant list here in Connecticut at Yale New Haven Hospital, my transplant surgeon has suggested that I seek a living liver donor.


You have already taken the first step by reading my story. If you want to explore becoming a living liver donor or to find out more about living liver donation, please contact my transplant coordinator, 


  How to proceed if you are interested in saving my life by becoming a living organ donor:  


Please call: Center for Living Donor at Yale New Haven Hospital at 866-925-3897 mention my name Vinny Liuzzo

  To find out more info on becoming a donor please go to the following link:


  • Nearly 14,000 people on waiting list for a liver transplant as of August

  • Due to the organ shortage, over 6,000 precious lives are lost just in America each year. Over 1,400 of these deaths are those waiting on a liver transplant

  • In 2017, 367 liver transplants were made possible by living donors

  • 160,722 liver transplants from 1988 through August of 2018




My family and I are extremely grateful for your time.


With Eternal Gratitude,

Vinny Liuzzo

Sept. 2018

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