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Thank you for visiting Vinny’s website to learn about his emergency.

Vinny’s Story

Vinny Liuzzo is a 67 year old American who lives in Waterbury, Connecticut. In most ways, he’s just like you. He has three (grown) children, four siblings and he cares for his mom who is 89 years old. The biggest difference is that Vinny has contracted liver disease, and his time is running out…unless someone like you is willing to help.


Having only been a casual drinker, it is believed that this problem was triggered by the extensive use of acetaminophen to treat a back injury. Live and learn; Vinny has permanently discontinued consumption of both, but the damage was done.

The bad news for Vinny is that every medical option has been exhausted. All family members and friends have been screened and deemed ineligible due to age, blood type or health problems. Without a donor, Vinny will become sicker and succumb to this illness.

How Can You Help?


A partial liver donation from a living donor can save Vinny’s life. That’s right; a healthy person can donate a lobe (1/3) of their liver to Vinny. The donor’s liver will grow back to full size in about six weeks. In the recipient, the new piece of liver will also regenerate to full size, but it will take a little longer.

Are You a Match?

Potential donors will be screened and tested for compatibility. The doctors are looking for someone between the ages of 18 and 55 with type O+ or O- blood. They will perform a battery of non-invasive tests to ensure that the applicant is in excellent health, which is of vital importance to avoid undue risk to the donor.

Once one lobe is surgically removed, the other two lobes are more than adequate to perform the necessary liver functions. The donor can expect to be up and around in just a few days, and back to full strength in just 4-7 weeks.

Benefits of Your Gift


The good news for the donor is that he/she will receive a significant medical evaluation like no other. They will also be entitled to lifelong annual checkups. These expenses, along with any travel and lodging required to participate will all be covered so there is no cost to the donor.

But the best part is that you will enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of knowing that through your virtuous generosity, you have saved the life of good person just like you.

What Next?

If you are interested in helping, you don’t have to make a decision based on what you’ve just read. All we’re asking is that you please call the Center for Living Donor at Yale New Haven Hospital at 866-925-3897 (mention that you are inquiring about Vinny Liuzzo). The call will be completely confidential and you will be under no pressure or obligation as a result of your conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Vinny and to consider becoming a donor. We hope you make the call. Maybe you’ll be the loving person to make this sacrifice that saves our brother, son, dad and dear friend’s life.

Vinny’s Message to You...

My family and I are extremely grateful for your time and consideration.

                             With Eternal Gratitude, Vinny Liuzzo


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